The UNIVERSITY OF BAROTSELAND (UBL) situated in Mongu, the Provincial Capital of Western Province of Zambia is established to offer internationally competitive education, scholarship and innovative skills to its students. A dedicated team of academic and professional experts awaits the new students with a promise to offer unparalleled exposure and learning experience.

Taking advantage of its location in Southern Africa with abundant natural resources, UBL graduates shall be ready on their account for the local and international market. Currently, UBL operates from its town campus at Plot No.154 Senanga Road but will gradually relocate to its main campus on a 273 hectare plot at Simono-Lui, a beautiful site near Mongu overlooking the Barotse Floodplain.


  • Located in the provincial Capital of Western Zambia with a good road network.
    • Mongu being a the provincial capital means has everything you may need. Their are Shopping malls and the University does collaborate with property holders on boarding and other facilities.
  • A well stocked library.
    • Their is proper students networking; students knowing and engaging one another one to one
  • University of Barotseland is very affordable.

Here are our key Advantages:-

  • GREAT LOCATION – Mongu is  largest town in Western Zambia, the University is about 10 minutes drive  away from the central business town; where our students get everything they need.
  • FRIENDLY COMMUNITY – UBL has a  friendly atmosphere, you will have new friends and you will interact with your lecturers.
  • PROGRAMMES – We offer courses from Certificate level, Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters Degrees in many disciplines.
  • MANY INTAKES – We have 2 intakes a year for academic courses.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – Our tuition fees are very competitive with other Zambian Universities and Western Province is one of the low cost areas to live in Zambia.
  • STUDENT AFFAIRS – Our dedicated team offers support to all our students in matter including, finances, accommodation, health etc