University of Barotseland (UBL) Library – Objectives of the UBL Library

  • The Library’s collections and services aims to support the teaching faculty, staff and students of the University.
  • UBL’s library Collection consists of both print and digital materials and covers a wide range of cross-cutting information
  • UBL Library is a highly valued partner in the study, teaching, and research activities of the university, offering a full spectrum of resources, from rare books and manuscripts to a rapidly expanding network of digital materials

University of Barotseland (UBL) Library Services

UBL library  offers the following services amongst others:

  • Information Services
  • Lending Services
  • Interlibrary
  • Electronic Journals and books
  • Special Collections

University of Barotseland (UBL) Library – Information Services

Assist Students in several ways:

  • Build and manage collections of library resources that support student learning
  • Give subject specific advice on coursework and assignments
  • Explain how to use the Library and resolve Library problems
  • Promote information literacy – the ability to search, evaluate and use information for a specific task
  • Develop online guides to assist you after-hours
  • Maintain a productive study environment in the Library

Support the work of teaching staff in different ways:

  • Order the material needed for teaching
  • Ensure access to high quality research materials
  • Provide guidance and training in the use of database platforms and tools
  • Consult on ways to embed the teaching and assessment of information literacy within academic programmes