Student Affairs


The University of Barotseland  has clear expectations around the standards of behaviour we expect from our students. Together we represent a diverse range of backgrounds and identities, and it's important that we know how to interact with each other and how to treat each other with respect. We provide support services to both our undergraduate and graduate students, so as to nurture and produce a cadre of responsible citizens who are conscious of the world around them.

How We Work

We support, sustain, and engage our students in programs that cultivate good habits of mind, good ethical behavior, empathy and intellectual curiosity.

Contact us

The University of Barotseland

P.O. Box 910316, Mongu

Tel: +260217221153

Email:[email protected]


To our Students

  • We expect our students to be supportive by attending classes and making use of the opportunities around them.
  • As students you must submit your work on time and ensure that it is your own.
  • That you remain informed by using information that we will provide you with such as course handbooks, regulations and timetables.You must be willing reflect on your academic progress, seeking advice and support where necessary and keeping us informed of any circumstances that might affect your ability to perform at your best.