MoE visit UBL

by Registrar

Mrs. Gladys Ntele, a Senior University Education Office at the Ministry of Education visited the University of Barotseland on November 20, 2023 for an update on the programs being offered and the challenges being faced. Vice Chancellor Prof. Inyambo Mwanawina in the company of acting Deputy Vice Chancellor and Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Development Dr. G. Mubita Kwalombota and acting Registrar Dr. Neberty Makomani welcomed her. An update on the programs being offered was provided and three new programs in the School of Natural Resources—Agriculture, Forestry and Cashew Value Chain Management—as well as an improvement in enrollment numbers were highlighted. The main challenges faced by the university were the unequal playing field in the higher education sector coupled with the increasing cost of doing business. The Ministry of Education was called upon to foster private public partnership; extend student loans and bursaries schemes to private universities, especially those based in rural areas; and government to make CDF accessible to private universities, create a research fund to support research and innovation, and reduce the cost of doing business.

From left to right; Prof. Mwanawina, Ms. Ntele, Dr. Kwalombota, Dr. Makomani

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