Memorandum of understanding with a number of universities have been entered into for collaboration with other universities and research institutions which provides both academic staff and students to expand their research outreach. These universities include Zambezi Eco health partnership, Colombia University, and Czech Republic Universities Life Sciences and Bosnia.The university is undertaking research/consultancy projects either by individual staff or in collaboration with partner institutions as tabulated below:

UBL Collaborative Research partners

iDevelopment of curriculum for cashew value chain managementCIDP/AfDBCompleted
iiDevelopment of cashew plantation & technical capacityCIDP/AfDBOngoing, CIDP funding stalled
IiiEffects of floods on expecting mothers’ access to health facilitiesStaff research, Dr. MG KwalombotaOngoing
IvShort term training in the utilization of CDF Staff consultancy, Lead Dr C Siyumbwa & Dr. G Kwalombota/CDFOngoing
Definitions: CIDP=Cashew Infrastructure Development Project; AfDB=Africa Development Bank; CDF=Constituency Development Fund